Expose the false narrative of Modi Govt as a true Nationalist Party


he failure of the NDA government to implement the longstanding demand for one rank, one pension (OROP) earlier had fanned deep resentment among ex-servicemen who had decided to boycott official functions, hold rallies and go on hunger strikes in protest. Even after such drastic steps from Ex servicemen, The Modi govt. has once again disappotined them in the 7th Pay commission. Some of the major issues relating it are- 1. Soldiers have not received revised wages or arrears unlike their civilian counterparts 2. The armed forces have been equated to or in some cases below paramilitary forces. 3. A cut down on a large portion of disability pension. 4. Many veterans will see a cut in the pension to an effect of Rs 3000 to Rs 5000 5. The Uniform Pay Matrix has not been implemented. 6. The Defence Pay Matrix in 7th Pay Commission has only 24 pay levels, on the other hand, the bureaucratic pay matrix has 40 levels. 7. The pensions which defence personnel draw is Rs 20,000 lower than civil employees after retirement. Armed personnel now realize that this entire rhetoric from Modi pre election was a mere 'jumla’. This exposes the narrative which the media and Modi govt is trying to sell to the public of them being Pro Servicemen and True Nationalist which is completely flawed. Congress being the most experienced party will not be silent on such hypocrisy done by Modi Govt, where they comfortable waive of Billionaires loans while allow the ex servicemen to struggle in their daily life. Therefore we request all of you to participate in the hashtag #ModiRobsArmyPension. Put out maximum tweets on this hashtag to highlight the pain our ex servicemen are going through, and to expose the false narrative of Modi Govt as a true Nationalist Party.

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